Handcrafted Bowls from Alaska

Give your kitchen a touch of nature with a hand made bowl, cut from the majestic native Alaskan birch tree. Wow guests with an Alaskan gift of a soup bowl served in a beatufifully turned bowl or design a custom bowl with a photo or to commerate an event. At The Great Alaskan Bowl Company, we use the finest wood and traditional manufacturing methods trusted for centuries to handcraft your unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. 


11-Inch Solid One Piece Birch Bowl

Round Birch B11-Inch Solid One Piece Birch Bowlowl

Commemerative  Bowls

Arc Birch Bowl

Arc BirArc Birch Bowlch Bowls


On July 17, 2017 The Great Alaskan Bowl Company proudly represented the state of Alaska at The White House for "Made In America Week".

The President and Vice President of the United States of America were able to experience our unique handcrafted products; Made in America, Made in Alaska, Made by Alaskans. 

We are honored and humbled by this opportunity.  Order yours today, so  you too can bring a part of the Alaskan and American Experience to your home and loved ones.





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About The Great Alaskan Bowl Company

In business since 1991, The Great Alaskan Bowl Company was founded in Fairbanks, Alaska. As one of a handful of bowl mills left in the country we are proud to offering unique, handcrafted wooden bowls.

Looking for a gift to last not just a lifetime, but for generations? Consider one of our functional or decorative bowls to personalized gifts for special occasions. With more than 25 years of experiencee we put a lifeteime of care and pride into our bowls.

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