Keetna Farm Goods Hankies

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Material: Plaid
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Super fun assortment of soft flannel hankies ~ in fact, the more you use and wash them, the softer they will get! These come as a set of 3 ~each one approx 10 x 10" square. 

Patterns of fabric vary. 

We have these things stashed EVERYWHERE! In the bathrooms, at our bed sides, in our nature bags, go bags, purses, in the vehicle, coat pockets, etc... not just for runny noses, but for faces too, wiping glasses, to hold hot or cold things, easily make it a wet wipe for sticky messes, or to wipe snow off of bare skin (especially handy if you have a very sensitive one like I do), SO many uses! When mom needs to do laundry (ahem...) the girls have been known to use these in the tub and love how soft they are as a wash cloth.

Fabric softener is not recommended, as it will lessen the absorbency of the flannel over time. But not forbidden, it will not ruin your handkerchiefs.

Easy maintenance with your regular laundry ~ machine wash warm, regular tumble dry. My towels and hankies are all top stitched for durability and to prevent bunching in the wash.

 Made in Alaska by Keetna Farm Goods. 

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