Kelp Marmalade

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This sweet Marmalade is a delightful way to share in part of Alaska! To craft Kelp Marmalade, Simple Pleasures, take whole oranges and whole lemons and grind them up until they are liquid. Then peel and grate in the kelp! So you taste a burst of citrus while chewing on kelp! What a great way to get all of those great nutritional benefits from kelp!

It is excellent on warm biscuits, and our favorite way to eat it is to spread a bagel or cracker with cream cheese and then top with kelp marmalade. Delicious! 

A truly Southeast Alaska taste adventure, this marmalade is made from Bull Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana), a seaweed of the Pacific Northwest coast. This is one of the largest seaweeds known. It is high in potassium, iodine, and bromine, and also contains sugar, starch (algin), sulfur, phosphorus, chloride, iron, silicon, and trace elements.

Comes in a 6.75 oz jar.

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