Lattes & Lavender Self Care Collection

Style: De-Stress Shower Steamers
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De-Stress Shower Steamers - lavender and bergamot decorated  with moroccan red clay.

Exhale the BS Shower Steamers - headache plus sinus relief. Made with a natural blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and oregano oils.

Calm the Hell Down Bath Melts - tension soothing plus moisturizing. Let the subtle lavender and frankincense sent soothe your senses.

Damn this Hurts Bath Melts - inflammation and pain plus moisturizing. Made with a healing blend of yarrow, chamomile, and frankincense. Plus an herbal infusion of calendula.

Woodland Blend Crystal Infused Ritual Bath - amethyst infused and jojoba oil with one muslin bag. Made with a special essential oil blend of sandalwood, pine, patchouli and eucalyptus.

Anxious AF Crystal Infused Shimmer Ritual Bath - lepidolite infused plus shimmer plus olive oil with one muslin bag. Made with a special essential oil blend that helps to calm all the bad vibes: bergamot, frankincense, orange and lavender with a small hint of patchouli.

Moonlight Path Crystal Infused Ritual Bath - rose quartz infused plus Himalayan pink salt plus rosehip oil with one muslin bag. Made with special essential oil blend of jasmine, rose, lavender and sandalwood.

Oat Milk Baby Bump Soothing Mamma Milk Bath - herbal pre-filled muslin bags. Ingredients: organic ground oats, organic raspberry leaf, organic lavender buds, organic lemon balm, organic chamomile flowers and organic rose petals.

Mamma Belly Butter - soothing and moisturizing shea and cocoa butter. Essential oil blend of lavender, neroli and tangerine. Lightly scented for smell sensitivities.

Free Spirit Solid Lotion - shimmer with mahogany, patchouli, vanilla and musk.

Sage & Bergamot Deodorant - soft non-irritating formula.

Handcrafted In Alaska

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