Sea Asparagus Pesto

Size: large 8 oz
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Sea asparagus, sea beans, or salicornia are the foundation of this delicious best-selling sauce by Foraged & Found! A salty, crunchy sea succulent that grows wild in the sea marshes of Southeast Alaska, it is packed with flavor. Married to fresh basil, the finest quality oil, and plenty of zesty lemon juice, this sauce is amazing tossed in pasta, topping your favorite wild-caught Alaskan fish, or all by itself spread on crusty bread. Buon appetito! 

Nowhere in the world is premium superfood more abundant than in the wilds of Southeast Alaska. Surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and crystal waterfalls, at the perfect intersection of land and salty sea, nature deposits her full arsenal of life-giving vitamins and minerals. 

This unique pesto packs an antioxidant-rich dose of wild salicornia, supporting whole-body wellness not usually found in foods this flavorful. Superfood sea asparagus (salicornia) is forged from untouched beaches and blended with herbs and lemon to creat a bright, nutritious pesto that's perfect with pasta, fish, or veggies.

Ingredients: Alaskan Sea Asparagus, Safflower Oil, Basil, Lemon Juice, Almonds, Parmesan (milk, salt, enzymes), Garlic, Pepper

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