Classic Wooden "Clear" Round Bowl - Plain and Engraved

Size: 7"
Stand Options: No Stand
Sale price$35.00


*For The Buy 3 Get 1 Free Sale On 9 Inch Clear Bowls, We Will Add The Free Bowl To Your Order After Purchase Of Every (3) 9 Inch Clear Bowls. 

Looking for that classic round wooden bowl design that started this business? Well here it is, in all its unique one-of-a-kind glory! Available in a plethora of sizes, these bowls are extremely useful, and will serve you for decades!

These "clear" bowls are perfect for salads, pastas, ice cream, bread doughs, and almost anything you can imagine!

  • Available in 7" 9” 11” or 13" Sizes
  • 100% Pure Alaskan Birch Wood.
  • Carefully Kiln Dried
  • Sealed with Block Brothers Oil
  • Comes with Care Instructions

If you're not seeing the bowl size that you're interested in, please call us for availability. 

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