Bowls for your Home and Community

Need a bowl for home? Better yet, do you have someone to honor? We have the Bowl for you!

Traditional Wooden Bowls

Our wooden bowls are special because of the unique 22-step process every bowl goes through to go from a tree to a seasoned bowl. They are cut here in the heart of Alaska from solid pieces of Paper Birch. In addition, we kiln dry them to remove the moisture.

We have wooden bowls available in many sizes and shapes for all different uses. They come in 7", 9", 11", 13" and 15", and include round, arc, and heart shapes. Our bowls hold a great amount of content and are sure to be a great center piece in your home!

Knotty Bowls

Knotty bowls offer the truest character of the Alaska Birch tree. The knots found in our wooden bowls are the result of the cross-section cutting of a branch that grew out of the tree while it was still standing. Knotty bowls can be used for almost any purpose, except for holding wet foods. They are excellent for holding bread, popcorn, chips, nuts, and even some of our homegrown Alaskan treats.

Family Tree Box

Clear Bowls

For a functional bowl, choose one of our clear bowls. They have no natural characteristics, so they can hold a variety of food, from popcorn and chili, to Caesar salad and ice cream. In addition, they serve as the perfect mixing bowl for pancake batter or cookie dough. With the proper care, they will last for generations. You cannot choose a higher quality, solid, one-piece wooden bowl than our clear bowl.

Arc Bowls

Our arc bowls take the functionality of our round bowls and mix in the contemporary and modern shape of elongation. The arc bowl makes a striking statement on your table or counter and is the perfect bowl to hold fruit or bread. They are manufactured the same way as our round bowls, except for one step: the wood is mounted to the lathe on the tree's exterior, with the bark side up. This simple step creates a stunning and creative take on the traditional, round, wooden bowl form.

Personalize Your Bowls

Give your wooden bowls a more personalized look. Our engravers can customize your bowls just the way you like, whether with a company logo, a US quarter image, a photo of your friends or family, or a favorite saying or quote. We can engrave an image from our huge selection of Alaskan animal artwork onto your bowls as well. Our personalized bowls make great gifts for any ocassion.

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