Here at the Bowl Co. we receive quite a few repetitive questions about our process and products. With this article, I hope to help alleviate these questions. However, if I have not please feel free to reach out to us, through an email to!

Question #1

What to do with oiled bowls? While each bowl we send out comes with a care card, in case this has been lost here are some quick care tips. 

  • Use a food-safe butcher block oil or mineral oil, rather than food oils like olive oil that will go rancid.
  • Use the rule of hand when deciding how you should wash and care for the bowl; i.e. do not put the bowl where you would not put your hand.  No dishwashers, ovens, freezers, or microwave.
  • The bowl should be cleaned with soapy water after every use, and oiled every 5-7 washings.
  • If for display, make sure to dust it every month, and oil every six months

Question #2

What to do with lacquered bowls? We actually make two types of lacquered bowls.  The first is lacquered on the outside and oiled on the inside, and for these bowls, use the same care as you would an oiled bowl. Here are a few tips for bowls we have lacquered on the inside and out.

  • If fully lacquered, DO NOT use the bowl to eat out of, as the lacquer is NOT food safe.
  • When displaying a lacquered bowl, you only have to dust it once a month, and occasionally clean it with warm water about once a year.

Question #3

What to do with Steins and Tumblers? Our Steins and Tumblers are a new and exciting field for us to explore.  Here are some tips to keep yours in top shape!

  • Unlike our oiled bowls, these require no oil.  However you should wash after every use.
  • The Steins and Tumblers have a food-safe epoxy on the inside and outside, making them very low maintenance and still safe to drink out of.
  • The epoxy we use is safe whether you put warm or cold liquids in it, so you can use it for your coffee, and your tea!

Question #4

What wood? We get this question a lot, and the answer is Alaskan-grown Paper Birch; every bowl we make, and many of the other wooden products we carry are made out of Paper Birch, which is an Alaskan hardwood. 

Question #5

Do you wholesale your products? Yes! Our wholesale site is: