Alaska Glacial Essentials Skin Care Collection

Style: Original Glacial Clay Mask
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Original Glacial Clay Mask is formulated with mineral-rich glacial clay from the Copper River and supercharged with wild Alaska botanicals. All skin types will benefit to mechanically exfoliate, detoxify, absorb excess sebum and hydrate perfectly for soft skin and luminous glow. In Unscented 3.5 oz jar.

poreREFINING Glacial Facial Mask is a perfect spa ritual to soften and detoxify you skin. Combines premium hyaluronic acid and niacinamide for anti-aging with the most mineral-rich and pure glacial clay in the world, and potent Alaska botanicals of blueberry, lingonberry and lupine.This supercharged mask exfoliates, detoxifies and boosts radiance with powerful antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins. In a 0.7 oz tube or 2.6 oz jar.

Glacial Clay Powder  Exfoliate, detoxify and regenerate skin with 100% raw Alaska glacial clay, nothing added and nothing taken away. May be used as a mask on the face, body, hands and feet to draw toxins, exfoliate and replenish skin’s nutrients or as additive in soap-making to create elevated exfoliating and smooth clay soap bars. Enjoy silky soft skin that is a timeless as the glaciers. Comes in a 4.5 oz tin.

Glacial Clay Mineral Soap Bar  These amazing handcrafted artisan cold-process bars are made with pure lightly exfoliating mineral-rich Alaska glacial clay, high quality certified organic, sustainable and fair trade emollient oils of olive, coconut and palm and goat's milk. Bar size 4 ounces. Scents: Peppermint & Lavender, Bergamot/Lemongrass/Mandarin/Lavender(Citrus Blend) and Thieves Blend

Mineral Fizzing Bath Cube  Leave behind the busy-ness of the day and unwind in the bath with a Transcend Glacial Mineral Bath Cube that soothes tired muscles and moisturizes skin. This fizzing aromatic remedy will leave you feeling cherished and relaxed. Everybody loves slipping into a bath with a fizz and delightful aromatherapy. Let the glacial minerals and Epsom salts restore and replenish while the uplifting and grounding scents help you relax. Jojoba and shea butter will leave you with a lightly moisturized glow from head to toe. 4.5 oz cube.

Midnight Sun Sleeping Mask  Alaska Glacial Essentials sleeping mask will help you get the best deep sleep by blocking ambient light no matter where you are and no matter what time of day. Alaska’s high latitude challenges the body’s natural circadian rhythms with lightness and darkness, especially in the summertime. Rest like you never have before with the Midnight Sun Sleeping Mask. Comes in beautiful gift packaging and includes matching Tencel™ fabric travel storage bag.

 Made In Alaska

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