Alaska Gold Nugget Birch Cream Caramels

Size: 10 oz Bag
Sale price$23.50


Looking for some tasty Alaskan treats? It doesn't get much better than these Gold Nuggets, which are made with Birch syrup.  These Birch Cream Caramels are rich, creamy, and laced with pecans. The candies are individually wrapped in gold foil for a visual and culinary treat. Available in Boxes or Bags, or individually if you just want to try one!

“Our Alaska Gold Nuggets are a bit like striking the mother lode…rich, smooth, and delightful! Sweetened with our own birch syrup – wild harvested from the sap of birch trees near Talkeetna – our caramels are a truly wild taste of Alaska. Enjoy the sweets of our labor!” So reads the story on the back of the bag … our very popular caramels are irresistible and mildly addicting!

Made by hand in Talkeetna, Alaska.

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