Alaska Pure Sea Salts

Flavor (4 oz): Original Flake
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ORIGINAL SITKA FLAKE is a light flake finishing salt that is hand crafted from the waters surrounding Sitka, Alaska.  The flake is delicate and has a pleasing "give" when you bite it.  Use the ORIGINAL SITKA FLAKE on just about everything that hits your table.  It is 100% natural with nothing added and has no bitter, chemical taste.  We think it makes every bite better.

ALASKA PURE ALDER SMOKED SEA SALT is made by smoking Alaska Pure salt flakes over burning Alder wood. Nothing else is added. This salt has a “just off the grill” flavor. It’s delicious on salmon, red meat, chicken, pork, and veggies. Try it with coffee ice cream (yes, really!) and with your next Bloody Mary.

WILD BLUEBERRY FLAKE  Infused with only handpicked Alaskan blueberries, it brightens up almost all desserts from chocolate brownies to fruit sorbets and adds a beautiful punch of color.  It is perfect with salads, fruit and wild game such as duck, moose, or caribou.

Sitka Spruce TIP FLAKE SEA SALT is made by infusing the hand picked, bright green spring Spruce tips into our light salt flakes. Nothing else is added. With a distinct citrus and herbal flavor, it pairs well with seafood, chicken, pork, beef, vegetables and even popcorn.

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