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Alaska Spit Spice
Alaska Spit Spice

Alaska Spit Spice

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Introducing* the first Spit Spice flav, Salmon Belly Rub! Enjoy it all the time, on all the things! Perfect for that fillet in the freezer and just as tasty on grilled pork chops or buttered popcorn. #spitspice

This small-batch spice blend is made with hand-harvested Alaskan sea salt. Try Steak Shake Spit Spice, too! 3.2 oz. 

 ingredients: organic cane sugar, Spit Salt (sea salt), black pepper, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, raw cacao, ginger, onion powder, garlic powder, fennel

Steak Shake - The directions for use are right in the name! This smoky and herbalicious blend is epic on a thick slab of beef, but don’t stop there. Try it on game, your morning eggs, and all the veggies, too. 2 oz. 

ingredients: alder-smoked Spit Salt (sea salt), black pepper, minced garlic, onion powder, thyme, oregano 

Spit, WHAT?!?! Homer is a quaint little fishing town on the southern coast of Alaska and is best known for its geographical landmark, THE HOMER SPIT. It’s a badass land piece that stretches 4.5 miles straight out into the ocean. The salt in this jar was harvested right from the Spit. Hence the dorky name. #spitsalt