Alaska Wild Berry Chocolates & Candies

Style: Jelly Center Chocolate Box
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In 1989 Peter, owner of Alaska Wild Berry Products, introduced chocolate-covered candies enhanced by the unique flavors of Alaskan wild berries. These candies, filled with a taste born in the wilderness of America's last frontier, were an instant hit with locals, tourists, and friends of Alaskans all over the world.

Chocolate Covered Wild Berry Jelly Centers Box: Each Wild Berry Jelly Center is hand-coated in milk or dark chocolate then hand decorated in the Alaska Wild Berry candy kitchens. These sweet and tart jellies will remind you of childhood berry-picking hikes in the Alaskan woods on long summer days. 9.5oz Box

Grizzly Bear Claws: Carmel and almonds covered in milk chocolate. 6ox Box

Moose Nuggets/ Bark: Peanut butter filled pretzels immersed in rich milk chocolate and topped with toasted coconut shavings, 6 oz box. Bark is the same but flat pieces!

Blueberry Bark: Scrumptious white chocolate sprinkled with sweet dried blueberries. 5oz Box

Polar Bear Smooches are a delightful blend of crunchy peppermint and creamy white chocolate drenched in velvety dark chocolate. Cool, rich and delicious! One Smooch Each

Made in Anchorage, Alaska

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