Alaskan Birch Crafts - Cutting Board

Style: Small Cheese
Sale price$35.00


If you are looking for a high quality Alaskan made paddle, for cooking dough, a cutting board, a charcuterie board, and many other tasks; look no further than these awesome handmade Birch boards!

Each board is handmade and may vary in appearance and style. Sizes are roughly as follows:

  • Small Cheese: 12"x5"
  • Medium Cheese: 14"x7"
  • Large Cheese: 19"x9"
  • 12" x 12": As Named
  • 14" x 16": As Named
  • Small Paddle: 12"x7"
  • Medium Paddle: 13"x9"
  • Large Paddle: 18"x8"


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