An Alaska Flyfisher's Odyssey

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If you’re ready to live as a diehard flyfisher in the land of the midnight sun, you’d better be prepared to endure several long months of midnight...

Set against the backdrop of a life spent in the latitudes of the Far North, this engaging memoir follows the author’s journey as he casts about in search of arctic grayling, rainbow trout, and the ultimate truths in life. Narrated with a deep appreciation for nature’s rhythms, Daniel’s existential pursuit of a “drag-free drift” borrows from the analogous concept in fly fishing, where one’s line is mended as necessary to facilitate a fly’s natural flow with the current, free from external and manipulative forces.

Whether you’re interested in examining life’s most important relationships through the lens of a fly fisherman, or simply want to experience Alaska’s most wondrous fishing locales, An Alaska Flyfisher’s Odyssey will transport you to heart of the 49th state, underscoring the value of a life lived through the flyfisher’s perspective.

 More than a memoir of a life well spent in pursuit of “drag-free” drift, this is a reflection on lessons learned―with practical advice that can be appreciated and applied by all- whether one is an angler or not.

Demonstrating his love for flowing waters and commitment to conservation, Daniel has committed to donate 50% of all author's profits from the sale of this book--for this and all future printings--to Trout Unlimited in support of their Alaska operations.

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