Arctic Knitting, The Magic of Nature and Colourwork

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Arctic Knitting – The Magic of Nature and Colourwork, published by Cozy Publishing, brings together the enchanting landscapes of Lapland and captivating knitwear. The colours and magical atmosphere of the northern come alive in a total of 20 different knitting designs. Suitable for all kinds of knitters, from novice knitters to more experienced crafters, the book will warm the hearts of knitters of all sizes and ages, as not only adults but also the family's little ones will have their own knit designs! The writer of the book is Annika Konttaniemi and Viola Virtamo is the artist behind the stunningly beautiful illustrations.

The soothing craft is suitable for beginners and advanced knitters alike: make a beanie or hat if after an easier challenge, cast a cosy vest or shawl on those needles, or get creative with stranded knitting. The eight sizing options as well as sweater patterns for kids make sure instructions are suitable also for your nearest and dearest. The colour theory section leads readers to find inspiration from the symphony of hues in nature and making use of contrasting colour harmony. With the pro tips, you’ll be creating unique knits that take their cues from magical woodlands and sweeping skies! 

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