Arrowhead Tailgate Bowl Set

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Throw the most impressive tailgate party of the season with our Arrowhead Bowl Set. You'll "wow" anyone who goes to the snack table when you bring these to a party. These bowls are your perfect game day companions!

Available in Various Sizes and Configurations:

Standard 7" Set: 11" Arrowhead + Four 7" Arrowhead Bowls
Standard 9" Set: 11" Arrowhead + Four 9" Arrowhead Bowls

Large 7" Set: 11" Arrowhead + Six 7" Arrowhead Bowls
Large 9" Set: 11" Arrowhead + Six 9" Arrowhead Bowls

  • 100% Pure Alaskan Birch Wood
  • Carefully Kiln Dried
  • Sealed with Block Brothers Oil
  • Stand Included