Boreal Forest Inspiration Story Cards

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Everything in nature is connected, and each species relies on others for survival, including our own. Although we may make our home within areas of the forest, it is common to feel separate from the inner workings of nature as we live seemingly apart in our human-constructed worlds. The Boreal Forest Inspiration Story Cards are a mechanism by which we may break down this perceived boundary.  The cards emphasize the interconnectedness of ecology with our human experience through personal insight and reflection based on the boreal forest’s topics, stories, and processes.  The 52 cards explore these forest-related themes through art, inspiration, story, and science. 

The original artwork for the cards in this deck was created by tailoring custom-painted and cut paper into compositions that reflect the idea of a specific topic relating to boreal forest ecology. The soundscape card, for example, was inspired by audio waveforms from a video taken by the artist in the Gates of the Arctic National Park. The waveform became the reflected treeline in the paper composition, a visual representation of the sound of the forest. 

Many scientists were influential during the creation of these cards, and their presentations to the ITOC group provided the initial inspiration for the card topics. The science vignettes were written based on follow-up conversations, presentation materials, and other sources.

The inspirational text on the cards can be used daily or weekly, while thinking about something happening in our lives. We can gain new perspectives, insights, and stories from the forest through reflection. This method can enhance our connection to the boreal forest, regardless of geographical location. Cards can also be used to shape a new narrative based solely on the cards’ images.

Published by Jennifer Moss in Fairbanks, Alaska

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