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All Stickers are Waterproof, Weatherproof, and fade resistant. 

List of Stickers with Dimensions (in inches) and Descriptions: 

Out of The Wild: 1.5" x 3"

Out of the wild... such a controversial machine in Alaska. Claiming numerous lives over the decades for travelers attempting to traverse the 36 mile trek into the tundra. The state has since airlifted this iconic bus out from its original location just outside of Denial National Park...the question remains...what should we do with the magic bus? Unfortunately, it ended up in Fairbanks.....

You Are Here: 4" x 4"

Alaska is a huge state. If you talk to anyone that lives here---using your hand is crucial when it comes to explaining where you live in this vast great land. This sticker "You are here" helps explain. Great addition to your wheels, whether they are carried by bumper, ski box or fat bike these vinyl stickers are waterproof and weatherproof meaning they do not fade in the sun, or rub off in the rain

Denali: 3" x 3"

Clear vinyl 'stained glass effect' sticker to slap on your car window or water bottle.

Dive In: 3" x 4"

For those who take recycling to the extreme (aka 'the dumpster') This waterproof weather proof vinyl sticker would be a great addition to your bumper, water bottle or even better as an 'invitation' to your trash can.

Game Changer: 3" x 3"

Because who hasn’t had a situation where duct tape has saved your buns.

Dry Life: 4" x 4" 

Alaska home of the "Dry Cabin" living in a home without running water, the only water these cabins have is what they haul in these blue jugs. I lived this life for 5 years and to support that way of life I have created a sticker "Dry Life" a 4x4 sticker perfect for the rear end of your car, truck or Hey, even a blue jug.

Stickers are Original Art by: James Kelly

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