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Scent: Alaska Winter
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 Whether you are looking to get clean, or bring home a scent of Alaska, the selection of soaps we carry, made by Denali Dreams, is sure to be exactly what you want! Made in Anchorage, Alaska by Denali Dreams.

  • AuroraEver witnessed the Northern Lights? Then you’ll know it is quite the magical sight. We did our very best to recreate that enchanted feeling for you with this bar. Experience the colors dancing through the sky as you wash with the Aurora soap. Inspired by the famous colors of the Northern Lights and decorated with a similar design, this soap is scented with lavender, rosemary and litsea essential oils and is infused with activated charcoal for a detoxifying effect.
  • FisherManDon’t let your daily catch leave your hands and skin smelling fishy. Our Alaska Fisherman’s Soap has got you covered! Crafted with freshly ground coffee that neutralizes even the toughest of odors and the essence of lemon and lemongrass, your hands will be clean and back to reeling order in no time. Clean up hook, line, and sinker…fish on!
  • Forget-Me-NotThis timeless soap is named after our delicate state flower. Finely ground oats are whipped in for a gentle scrub that will leave your skin feeling nourished and smooth. Scented with soothing lavender essential oil and just a dash of lemongrass.
  • Glacier GlowExperience the epic and gritty nature of Alaska in this fine, handcrafted soap made with mineral-rich glacial silt from the Matanuska Glacier. Delicately scented with essential oils of pine, eucalyptus, sage and laurel berry, this soap will leave your skin with a magical glow and is also gentle enough to use as a facial soap.
  • Midnight Sun Gardener'sGrab a soap that can stand up to the post-gardening grime! This delightfully scrubby soap made with ground pumice, essential oils of rosemary, peppermint and lemongrass create the perfect mixture for washing away the most stubborn of dirt. Scrub away that hard day’s work and revel in those clean hands!
  • Polar BlastThis pure white soap is sure to invigorate any bath or shower! Scented with lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils, you may just feel as though you’ve inhaled a blast of sea spray off of a polar iceberg.
  • Samovar SoapInspired by the famous Samovar Tea from the Kobuk in downtown Anchorage! Made with some of the same ingredients as the Samovar tea for a fragrant aroma and enhanced with clove, cinnamon, orange, and lemon essential oils, this zesty soap will spring your tea dreams to life. 
  • Wild CranberryBoth high and low bush cranberries are abundant in Alaska. Imagine a beautiful red succulent carpet of wild cranberries when you enjoy a relaxing bath or shower with our fragrant Alaska Wild Cranberry Soap. Scented with luscious cranberry fragrance oil and colored with natural red pigment, the mouth-watering scent of this soap will leave you craving your favorite cranberry sauce!
  • Wild BlueberryDistinctive and intense-flavored wild blueberries abound in Alaska from the Southeast to the Northern tundra. When you bathe with our Alaska Wild Blueberry Soap, inhale deeply, relax and imagine the joy you feel when biting into an exquisite, juicy blueberry! Scented with Wild Blueberry fragrance oil, colored with natural blue pigment and finished with poppy seeds as a natural exfoliant, your skin (and your nose) will love this soap.
  • HandyManAfter a long day of demolition, construction, renovation or wrenching, dig under those dirty nails with this all-natural Alaska HandyMan Soap packed with ground loofah, poppy seeds, cornmeal and pumice for a thorough scrub. Scented with peppermint and spearmint to keep you feeling fresh and clean, our Alaska HandyMan Soap is the right tool for the job at hand!
  • ManlyManWho says men shouldn’t have quality products to pamper their skin? Not us! We know even the toughest guys often have delicate skin, so we developed a hefty bar of soap to scrub away dirt and sweat while moisturizing with a gentle silky smooth lather that rough hands and bodies will appreciate. Spruce up your act with this all-natural bar of soap infused with the woodsy scent of Alaska.
  • Alaska WinterAlaska Winter Soap to the rescue! To help combat the damage to our skin that comes from the harsh cold winters of Alaska, or for those of us with year-round dry skin, we have formulated this soap using a rich combination of healing neem and castor oils. Finely ground oats along with olive oil are added to naturally soothe skin. Scented with essential oils of lavender, lemongrass, and sage, this soap will stand up to the tall order of hydrating even the thirstiest skin.

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