Devine Flame Candles

Style: Winter Magick - Cypress & Bayberry
Size: 16 oz.
Sale price$50.00


Winter Magick is a candle made to be your companion through the winter. This candle is topped with dried cedar, balsam fir, holly leaf, cinnamon stick, & citrine—the stone of prosperity, confidence, joy, & success. Add winter Magick into your Yuletide rituals and traditions! It’s energy is also great for Winter Solstice rituals and traditions.

Season of Yule is scented with a lovely Yuletide scent of Fraiser Fir, Cedar, Evergreen, Cypress, & Moss. Topped with a Clear Quartz crystal, & holly leaf. Vessels are hand wrapped in birch bark, perfect for your Yuletide or Solstice celebrations and you can reuse the vessel once your candle has burned down!

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