Dream Flights on Arctic Nights

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Follow a child's dreamy flight through the Arctic and discover the animals that live there, from the wolves prowling through the snow to the goats and sheep leaping across mountains, to walrus and sea lions lying on icebergs.

Children's Book Review, Best Picture Books of 2019

"Dramatic rhythm, matched by spectacular linocut illustrations with black backgrounds, glowing colors, and exaggerated perspectives that suggest a surreal dream world. The child has beige skin and dark hair and eyes. The setting is indicated by the title and arctic wildlife and by a simple map of the Arctic Ocean on the wall of the child's cozy bedroom. This stunning interpretation of a fascinating region soars with polished poetry and striking, memorable art."
—Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

"The deep desire to fly inspires a child's Alaskan dream in this lushly illustrated rhyming book. . . The simple rhymes match well with the linocut illustrations by Zerbetz, whose thick lines give dimension to colorful stars and beasts. The images seem to leap from the page."
—WSU Magazine

At night, just as the moon climbs high, I make a wish that I could fly.

Told in singsong rhymes and colorfully illustrated with gorgeous linocut art, Dream Flights on Arctic Nights is a beautiful bedtime story for children to explore the Arctic before drifting off to sleep.

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