Felicity Loft Loose Teas

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Felicity Loft Teas are thoughtfully designed and blended in Alaska. Loose Leaf Tea comes in 2oz bags.

Aurora Dreams - A restful herbal blend made with Chamomile, Raspberry Leaf, Peppermint, Rose, and Calendula.

Fireside Flicker - A blend specifically designed for sitting around a fire and sharing with friends. Organic Rooibos with Birch Leaf, Peppercorns, and Orange Peel blend together for a warming blend that definitely can take a dash of whatever you'd like to add fireside.

Flora Alaskana - This tea is only blended once a year. A beautiful and flavorful white tea from Nepal blended with local flowers. Peony, Yarrow, Wild Rose, Fireweed, and Forget-me-nots add a floral spice to this gorgeous white tea. Available again in August.

Vanilla Birch - A warm caffeinated blend of black tea infused with bourbon vanilla, cardamom, and sweet birch bark. The result is reminiscent of spiced birch beer. This tea can take all the milk and sugar you want but also is decadent with waffles and syrup in the morning.

Alaskan Breakfast - This tea is a Keemun (Qimen) from Anhui Province in China. It is full bodied and deeply rich with a touch of brightness. Feel free to add milk and/or sugar, but this tea is also delicious all on its own. The perfect tea to start each morning, whether it be 20 hours of daylight or 20 below zero.

Blueberry Thrill - Blueberry Thrill is a fruity herbal infusion that brews a beautiful purple color. Blueberries, apple pieces, rosehips, butterfly pea flowers, hibiscus, lemongrass, and calendula combine to make a fruity drink that is delicious hot or cold.

Grizzly Morning - A dark and malty (and highly caffeinated) CTC Assam. This tea is hearty enough to wake the bears. It also makes a great base for chai! It takes milk and sugar (and maybe a little flavored syrup) like an absolute champ. CTC stands for "crush, tear, curl" which is a style of processing tea. This method allows for a higher surface area of tea to be available during steeping. This leads to a much stronger flavor! That being said, its very easy to oversteep this style of tea so start slow. Ingredients: camellia sinensis



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