Linen Bread Makers Set

Style: Black & White Striped
Sale price$30.00


A reusable bowl cover for making bread and a linen bag to store or gift the loaf. 

Perfect for the bread maker in your life (this may be you!). A linen blend xl bowl cover (skip the plastic) for your rising dough and a bread bag for after you bake your bread. 

The bowl cover fits a bowl up to 16inches. 

Bread bag is 12 x 16" and closes with a drawstring. 

Both are made in our shop in Georgia out of a linen cotton blend fabric. 

The bag is breathable, so suitable for short term storage of your bread. 

Made in Georgia by Dot & Army. If we are unable to find comparable Alaskan-made items we love supporting other American-made small businesses.

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