Floursack Towels

Style: Salmon & Dungeness Crab
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These gourmet floursack towels are made from 100% lint-free cotton and are free of toxic dyes and bleaches, so you can safely use them to proof bread, make cheese, strain broths and gravies and clean and store produce. They are also great for dusting or drying glassware.  They are incredibly absorbent and great for cleaning up wet spills.

They are machine-washable and perfect for a large number of tasks in your kitchen and home.  The ink will hold up to bleaching so you can keep these towels white!

Inks are water-based and environmentally friendly.

Approximate size of each towel is 22 x 38 inches but they are not all exact as they are hand cut and sewn.  We prioritize matching the towel sets' sizes, not ensuring they are exactly 22 x 38 inches.

Each order is a 2-pack of towels matched as follows:

Salmon & Dungeness Crab

Stellar's Jay & Raven

Herring & Spot Prawn

Made in Alaska by Frost and Fur.

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