Flowers on a Plate: Delicious Floral Recipes

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Flowers on a Plate: Delicious Floral Recipes is a captivating collection of recipes featuring edible flowers. With influences ranging from Paris to Japan and the Nordics, the recipes were developed by Stockholm-based chef Ina Niiniketo, who has worked in small bistros as well as Michelin-star restaurants. The book is published by the Finnish company Cozy Publishing.

Take a deep dive into the world of edible flowers, inspired by the endless abundance of Parisian flower markets. Flowers on a Plate offers advice and visual stimulation on the right flowers and methods for making use of florals in the kitchen. The simple recipes from breakfast to dinner, not forgetting dessert, of course, are perfect for curious home chefs. Why not experiment with rosy redcurrant porridge, jasmine cured arctic char, sumptuous lavender chicken or delicious marigold cake –  toasting with a glass of Kir floral! The palette of floral flavours adds a fascinating twist to recipes based on classic French cuisine.

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