Food in the Woods

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Food in the Woods serves up more than 60 tasty, nourishing vegetarian recipes for any season, not forgetting about desserts and snacks - whether for a spur-of-a-moment campfire trip, a winter hike or anything in between. The recipes range from quick and easy sandwiches to dehydrating your own meals for longer treks. The book will guide you into cooking in the great outdoors, equipment you will need and what to consider for each time of year. The provided information caters for beginners and expert hikers alike.

”Kimchi & Teriyaki Hot Dogs or Indian Campfire Potatoes? How about some delicious dessert around the campfire? Maybe it's time to do some meal planning for a one-week hike - in that case, why not dehydrate some of the food. Lentil Ragu for lunch and Mexican Black Bean Mole for dinner! In this book, I've shared my trusty recipes that are part of my own excursions and hikes.”

The stunning photographs and personal stories reflect the enchantment of Finnish nature. The recipes and information sections are suitable for hikers of any level. The pages of the book provide plenty of visual inspiration for anyone, whisking readers along to the Northern fells.

Known for her delicious plant-based recipes, Saara Atula shares her passion for food, recipes and stunning nature photography through her blog and Instagram @viimeistamuruamyoten (41,3000 followers). She left the city dust behind and relocated to the Arctic Circle in order to make the most of trekking and hiking in the northern wilderness.

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