Grey Fox Linen + Room Spray

Scent: Salmonberry
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Freshen any room of your home, RV, car, cabin, apartment. or whatever your heart desires!  Same fragrances as the Grey Fox Candles, but without the flame.  Use the linen mist to re-freshen towels, curtains, and sheets.

SALMONBERRY: is a natural, northern berry that we combine with citrus and sweeten with a hint of peach.

FIREWEED HONEY: described as enjoying the simple things in life! A sun-warmed fragrant mountain meadow with fireweed and hives overflowing with rich golden honey. 

ALASKA: is an alluring blend of rich, deep, mahogany, black teakwood and a mysterious dark oak. This scent reminds us of walks in the forest, freshly cut wood and essentially everything we love about ALASKA.

We recommend spot testing before spritzing clothes, furniture, carpet, pet beds, and upholstery pillows. 

Ingredients:  Filtered water, organic witch hazel extract, aloe and fragrance.

You will notice some separation because the mists are all natural. Simply shake and spray to enjoy maximum fragrance diffusion. 

4 oz bottle with spritzer cap 

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