Haida Baby Eagle Board Book

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In Southeast Alaska, the Haida are divided into Raven and Eagle groups called moieties. Each moiety is divided into clans. Haida Baby Eagle teaches the English and Haida words for creatures that are important to the different Eagle clans - see Haida Baby Raven to learn about the creatures important to the Raven clans.

The clan crests were illustrated by Crystal Worl, and the Southeast Alaska environmental illustrations were made by Nobu Koch.

This book is part of Baby Raven Reads, a Sealaska Heritage program for Alaska Native families with children up to age 5 that promotes language development and school readiness.

Sealaska Heritage Institute’s Award-Winning Raven Reads series releases new Raven Books. Raven Reads was awarded the 2017 Best Practices Honoree as part of the Library of Congress Literacy of Awards program. Your purchase supports the non-profit Sealaska Heritage Institute’s culturally-based programs promoting early literacy and school-readiness for Alaska Native children.

5⅝" x 5⅝" board book. 16 pages. Published December 2016.

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