Organic Cotton Napkins

Style: Birch Tree (Grey)
Sale price$42.00


A set of four organic cotton napkins, hand-printed with your choice of eight unique designs. Each napkin is 20" x 20", washable, and reusable. These soft and absorbent flour sack cotton napkins are printed in small batches on organic cotton using eco friendly ink.

As botanical illustrators and avid naturalists and gardeners, Hearth and Harrow has a love of bringing the outdoors in and creating a natural home for any family. These napkins are not only environmentally conscious, they also bring that touch of nature into your every day hustle and bustle. They fold beautifully at the dinner table, make a lovely accompaniment to cocktails and snacks, and also are fit for the hard work of replacing your paper towels in the kitchen.

The handmade quality of these napkins assures that each one is individually unique and slight variations in color and image placement are a sign of hand-craftsmanship.

Made in America by Hearth and Harrow.

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