Home Composting Made Easy

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Home Composting Made Easy is considered to be the best educational guide on home composting for the public. It is used throughout North America by hundreds of municipalities, counties, waste management districts, states, organizations, and businesses. Absolutely the easiest and funniest book to read about composting: Home Composting Made Easy is fully illustrated with step-by-step, no-nonsense instructions and state-of-the-art advice by gardening and compost experts. Content includes: What is Compost?, Benefits of Compost, Compost: Key to Nutrition, Setting Up Your System, Composting Systems, Siting Your Compost Area, Stockpiling Materials, Composting Basics, What to Compost, The Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio, How to Use Activators, Turning Your Pile, Composting: A Quick Start Guide, The Add-As-You-Go Pile, The Batch Pile, Grass Clippings, Food Scraps, Leaves & Weeds, Garden Debris, Worm Composting, Compost Tea, Stages of Composting, Using Finished Compost, Questions & Answers, Troubleshooting Chart, Resources

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