Hot Water Bottle With Wool Cover

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This homemade hot water bottle cover is made from up-cycled 100% wool and fits standard size 2L / 2 qt hot water bottles, which are included.

Hot water bottles are so nice for warmth when you're chilly, extra comfort when you aren't feeling well, and an excellent for natural wellness for things like

* inflammation
* menstrual cramps
* tummy aches
* achy muscles and/or joints
* use with castor oil pack
* comforting to the spirit and soul in times of illness, sadness or grief

Not to mention ~ keeping you warm! During cold spells or power outages ~ if you can boil water, you can keep yourself warm!

Sharing is Caring ~ Homemade wool hot water bottle covers make a thoughtful, comforting and cozy gift any time of year!

Colors and patterns will vary. Please reach out to us to find out what we have in stock or we are happy to surprise you.

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