Iceworm Botanical Collection

Style: AK Cotton Grass- Medium Square Mat
Sale price$50.00


Each botanical artwork is made from real pressed botanicals that grow abundantly throughout Alaska. They are pressed immediately after gathering to capture their bright colors. Mounted on textured or handmade, acid free paper, these botanical artworks are truly one of a kind. 

* As with all fine art, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, fluorescent light, high heat or humidity. Framed art includes UV light-blocking glass to further conserve the artwork.

*Items availability may vary. Please allow 2-4 weeks for new products from the artist.

Made in Alaska by Iceworm Studios


Mini Square Mat: 5" X 5"

Mini Square Frame 5.25" X 5.25"

Medium Square Mat: 8" X 8"

Medium Square Frame: 8.25" X 8.25"

Medium Rectangle Mat (Special Edition Iris) : 7" X 12"

Medium Rectangle Mat: 8" X 10"

Medium Rectangle Frame: 8.25" X 10.25"

Large Rectangle Mat (Special Edition Fireweed) : 7.5" X 15"

Large Rectangle Frame: 7.75" X 15.5"

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