Iñupiat Coloring Book- Names of Mammals

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This coloring book is filled with charming illustrations of Alaskan animals and includes their Iñupiat names. Color and learn! Iñupiaq artist Britt'Nee Kivliqtaruq Brower was born and raised in Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow), Alaska. She spent her childhood summers under the midnight sun picking wildflowers for her mother and absorbing the values of her culture from her Elders. Britt'Nee is a strong proponent of Iñupiat values and their relevance in our modern age. She advocates the revitalization of the language, arts and traditions of her Iñupiat people and brings this passion to her artwork. Her work in prints and children's coloring books incorporates traditional Qupak motifs and adds a modern twist.

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