Kelp Chili Crisp

Size: 6oz
Sale price$17.50


Collaboration Kelp Chili Crisp is here! A sizzly sauce dreamed by YouTube fisher and chef Taku of Outdoor Chef Life and the team at Barnacle Foods. 

Introducing Kelp Chili Crisp. This sensationally warm and rich sauce adds instant flavor and tongue-appeal to literally anything you're eating. Kelp Chili Crisp infuses fried crunchy, salty Alaska grown kelp, mouth-warming chilies de arbol, satisfying fried onion and garlic with a hint of sweetness into a refreshing and addictive topper. Drizzle Kelp Chili Crisp on noodle bowls, pizza, or even donuts. Meet your new versatile kitchen companion.

4oz or 6oz Jars

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