King Island Christmas CD: A Musical Celebration Based on a True Story

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King Island Christmas is the true story of the inhabitants of a remote island in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska. It is a celebration of community, faith and love.

Based on the children's book by Jean Rogers and set as a dramatic cantata, King Island Christmas tells the true story of a remote Alaskan village that is anticipating the arrival of a ship bearing winter supplies and their priest. When the ship gets caught in a storm, the people must band together to cross a mountain and reach the ship, thus allowing them to survive the winter and celebrate the holidays. This inspiring message about the power of community is enforced by the fact that King Island Christmas is a true ensemble piece with many speaking roles, plus abundant work for adult and children's chorus. This recording also features Tony winner Chuck Cooper (The Life) and multiple Tony nominee Marin Mazzie (Kiss Me, KateRagtime, Stephen Sondheim's Passion). David Friedman and Deborah B. Brevoort's score incorporates gospel ("Over the Mountain") and calypso ("Agoodik, Muktuk, Salmon & Seal") among warm-hearted tunes such as "Waiting," Mazzie's "The Gift of Trouble," and "It's Love," which recall some of Friedman's best-known work for the late, lamented cabaret artist Nancy LaMott. --David Horiuchi

Track Listings

1 We'll Tell You a Story
2 There is an Island
3 Preparing for Christmas
4 Waiting
5 The Signs of Nature
6 On King Island, 2
7 Come, Come, Everyone Come
8 The Gift of Trouble
9 Calling the North Star
10 On King Island, 3
11 The Song of the Oomiak
12 On King Island, 4
13 Over the Mountain
14 On the Mountain top
15 On King Island, 5
16 There's a North Star
17 It's Love
18 On King Island, 6
19 Up the Rocky Shore We Go
20 We Come Together/Going to Church
21 The Miracle of Light
22 Agoodik, Muktuk, Salmon & Seal
23 Stories
24 Whistle to the Northern Lights
25 And That is Our Story

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