Meet My Beet: A Hands on Guide

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Meet My Beet is more than just a cookbook that celebrates the diversity of beets by showing the reader how to work them into every course of a meal, it explains to the reader why it is to their benefit to eat beets. It has information on the varieties of beets on the market, and even has information on how to grow and preserve them. The author does this all in an entertaining style with puns and wordplay inspired by the near miss of the title of the book. From breads (Give Rise to Your Beet) to entrees (The Main Event) and nutrition (Meeting Your Beet Is Good for You) to preservation (Always Have Your Beet at Hand) Meet My Beet is truly a beet lovers manual.

Each of the 30 recipes is beautifully illustrated with colorful images. It actually seems like there are more than 30 recipes because the author has included variations for many of the recipes and encourages the reader to march to their own beet. With the health benefits of beets in mind the recipes have been developed to minimize the amount of white flour and sugar used.

The narrative chapters and introduction are written in a homespun style with a twist of twisted humor that will be tittered at by some and overlooked by others. Doesn't that "beet" everything!

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