Moose: A Tundra Comic

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A graphic novel from the minds behind the comic strip TUNDRA! Zack del Pollo is the new park ranger in town and he soon finds that Gangrene Gulch, Alaska isn't Mayberry. It's a town populated with all sorts of odd "woodsy" folks, including a pretty, young coroner's assistant; a narcoleptic dispatcher; two slightly inbred tow truck/ambulance drivers; a herd of hippies; several puppets; a mountain pirate; and, oh yeah, an ancient, homicidal half-man/half-moose. Zack, together with his crusty boss, Mike, as well as Samantha the coroner's assistant, start to notice a strange pattern with several recent moose trampling incidents. They quickly find themselves hoof-deep in a supernatural moister chaos.

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