My Turkey Has Hypothermia, Officer

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A true crime memoir: Stories of humor, tragedy and inspiration.

 About the Author:

When he was four years old, Peyton Meredith moved to Fairbanks, Alaska. After graduating from the University of Alaska, Peyton decided to remain in Fairbanks to work and raise a family. After a brief stint with the North Pole Police Department, he went to work for the Fairbanks Police Department where he would spend the next 20 years serving the citizens of the Golden Heart City. Peyton witnessed the evil undercurrent of crime flowing through Fairbanks: solving murders, working cold cases and interviewing some of Alaska's most dangerous criminals. After a lifetime os surviving ithe brutal Fairbanks winters, Paeyton retired as a Lieutenant with FPD and moved his family to the Lower 48 where her continues his career in public service.

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