Naturally Shed Moose Antler Palm Bangle

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Each cruelty free bangle is unique and hand crafted in the Pacific Northwest by skilled artisans. Ivory Jacks moose antler bangles are made from the "palm" portion of the naturally shed moose antler. Sizes are thick or thin, and colors range from white, tan, gray, or sometimes purple or green depending upon where the antler lay in the tundra, and for how long.

Bangles have an approximate interior diameter of 2.5" or slightly less, and have a corresponding circumference of approximately 7.7". It is best to measure an existing bangle to make sure these measurements will work for you.

Male moose shed their antlers once per year in the arctic Alaskan tundra. These antler are then found by chance, and carved into beautiful jewelry for Ivory Jacks.

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