Old Fashioned Sugar Cubes

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Old Fashioned Sugar Cubes

Cocktail hour has never been easier!

Simply add a cube (or more if you prefer a sweeter drink) to a shot of whiskey or bourbon, muddle to dissolve (a drop or two of hot water helps the process), add an ice cube, and sip away. Or, add the whole pack of cubes to 15-30 oz of liquor (depending on preferred sweetness) and let them work their magic over the span of a couple of days. Now you have a bottle of ready-to-drink cocktails!

The sleek black tin is great for camping or backpacking! 15 cubes

Angostura bitters are the backbone of these cubes, but they're also tinged with a hint of vanilla extract from Native Vanilla - committed to organically farmed, sustainably sourced vanilla from micro farmers in Papua New Guinea.

Ingredients: organic cane sugar, angostura bitters, organic vanilla extract, orange zest

From Anchorage, AK


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