Alaskan Gourmet Popcorn

Flavor: Northern Lights
Sale price$10.50


This handmade popcorn is always a delight to eat! Comes in a variety of flavors, all made by Alaskan Sweet Thing's and with Certified Glacier Water:

  • Northern Lights: Pineapple, raspberry, cherry, grape, and orange. 
  • Wild Blueberry: Wonderful fruity blueberry taste makes this a year-round favorite. A Bowl Company favorite! 
  • Idita-Crunch: Created during the Iditarod, Idita-Crunch has become their most popular non-beer popcorn flavor. Freshly made nut-free English toffee.
  • Alaskan Amber Beer & Sea Salt: Yes, you read it correctly! Beer popcorn. Their number one popcorn is flavored with real Alaskan Amber beer and sea salt.
  • Arctic Strawberry: A blast of fresh strawberry flavor.
  • Narwhal: Strawberry, Tutti Frutti & Banana.

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