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Amish Country Popcorn is grown on a family owned farm in the US that is committed to keeping popcorn simple and natural- which means never growing genetically modified popcorn and keeping it free of preservatives. Choose from 5 different varieties of the homegrown popcorn!

White variety- is hulless, crispy, small, and very white. It’s delicious with salt and butter and pairs well with any seasonings.

Yellow variety- is crunchy and dense. It is delicious served “movie theater style,” with butter and salt, or with any seasoning mix.

Red variety- pops into a healthy, crunchy snack. This variety has fewer hulls and medium sized kernels. Like our other “colorful” varieties, Red popcorn has a unique taste and pairs well with any seasonings.

Blue variety- is medium to large in size and has a unique, sweet flavor. Blue popcorn is also higher in antioxidants and has less hulls than our other varieties. Try it with salt and butter, or the seasonings we offer in our store! For best results, this corn should be popped at a higher temperature.

Rainbow variety-  is a blend of Amish Country Popcorn favorites- the best of all varieties in one bag. Pop the kernels for a fun snack, or use them as decoration. 

*While the uniquely-colored varieties(Midnight Blue, Red, Blue, Rainbow) have a colored kernel, they will be white or yellow once popped. For popped popcorn to be colored, the kernels need to be dyed beforehand, and we do not use dyes or preservatives.

** Each bottle is 14oz. Size and colors of kernels may vary.

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