Pull String Spinning Top

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The best toy ever from the 1700-1800's! I lathe turn mine from Ozark Mountain Cherry and Walnut. These early American tops have all but disappeared in many parts of the country. Tops like these are now a rare collector's item, but still so much fun, scientific, and educational. The launcher idea originated in the 1700's, a brilliant innovation. My top has a nylon tip and can spin for a full 2 minutes! For children 3 to 93. Includes launcher, launching string, rubber bands, and instructions. Not recommended for children under 3. Needs adult supervision. 5" x 4" Place the top completely into the small hole in the launcher. The top stem, containing a tiny hole, will appear in the larger window of the launcher. Insert the hardened tip of the launching string ("plug it in") into the stem hole and rotate the top to wind up the string. Hold on to the launcher firmly with one hand while pulling the string rapidly outward, thus spinning the top! Children or adventurous adults can drop colorful hairbands on the top stem while it's spinning to compete. How many can you get? Watch the colors, time them with a stopwatch, race them or start a battle by dropping longer rubber bands on the spinning stem and watch them whip eachother! Great for homeschooled children!

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