Purely Alaska

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In the vast, roadless expanse of the Far North, the art of story-telling has thrived for many generations, as it does in PURELY ALASKA, a diversely drawn anthology and winner of a "best regional book" award in 2012 from Foreword magazine. Men and women share harrowing survival tales, hunting and fishing adventures, and stories about love, lifestyles, and the hopes and dreams of independent people in faraway places throughout Alaska. The work was edited by Susan Andrews and John Creed, both professors at Chukchi College in Kotzebue, Alaska. Contributors include Robert Andrews, Haines; Iva Baker, Kotzebue; Nancy Berkey, Sedro-Wooley, Washington; Albert Bowling, Anchorage; Ethel “Katie” Qalingak Cruthers, Kotzebue; Lucy Nuqarrluk Daniels, Golovin, Alaska; Robert A. Dillon; Burton William Siliamii Haviland Jr., Kotzebue; Kathryn Ann Lenninger, Fairbanks; Marcus Miller, Haines; Joli Morgan, Bethel; Wilma Payne, Pueblo, Colorado; Steven W. Pilz, Wisconsin; Gina Marie Pope, Bristol Bay region; Karl Puckett, Great Falls, Montana; Amy S. Reisland-Speer, Healy; Emma Snyder, Kotzebue; Stephen J. Werle, Noatak; Sonja Whitethorn, Petersburg; and Terrence B. Wilson. “Here’s a fascinating guided tour of the real Bush Alaska, not the prettified version we see in tourist brochures. Here we meet the good and the bad, the happy and the sad…”--Stan Jones, author of Village of the Ghost Bears

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