PWS Salt Co. Seasoned Salt

Flavor: Alder Smoked
Size: 2 oz
Sale price$18.50


Prince William Sound Sea Salt is harvested from the deep ocean where mineral content and salinity are higher and water is cleaner.

Pure Alaskan sea salt - flavored with fresh and natural ingredients

With respect to our oceans - Prince William Sound Salt is placed in sustainable and renewable packaging - never single use plastics. This is a premium product that takes you back to the sea.

 Choice of 1oz or 2oz jar.

Made by Prince William Sound Salt Company in Whittier, Alaska. 

Sample Pack - Their newest sample pack has all 4 of their original flavors - Pure, Alder Smoked, Rosemary Lemon and Roasted Garlic. It's the perfect way to try all four flavors - and makes a great gift for sharing! 


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