Raven's Brew Coffee Samplers

Flavor: Deadman's Reach
Sale price$9.00


Looking for an Alaskan coffee fix? Tasty caffeine from the Last Frontier? Take a look at these coffee samplers from Raven's Brew.

  • Wicked Wolf - Dark Roast
    An intense, vibrant, yet balanced brew designed especially to accompany the devouring of chocolate and other sublime desserts. Full body of currant and spice with a mild sweetness in a balanced cup with a superb finish.
  • Deadman's Reach - Dark Roast
    Heavy, full body of dark bittersweet chocolate and hazelnuts with a sweet bite.
  • Double Dead - Dark Roast
    Dark, bittersweet chocolate, toasted nuts, and an extra charge delivered in a rich, heavy body with a sweet bite.
  • Three Peckered Billy Goat - Dark Roast
    Uncanny high notes of fruity sweetness on top of a dry-chocolatey flavor with a full body and a long, sweet finish. 
  • Polaris Perk - Medium Roast
    Generously layered with chocolate and deep berry notes with a touch of citrus and cedar. A perfect tonic to your snowy adventures. 
  • Misty Fjords - Medium Roast
    Lemon peel and citrus flowers with alight finish offer a sophisticated balance and sweetness. A universal palate pleaser.

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