Tea Nest Infuser

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Whether herbal, oolong, black, white, or green, your favorite loose leaf teas now have a clever companion! This Tea Nest Infuser Set features wide design that sits atop your favorite teacup or mug, keeping the tea hot while the basket steeps. The solid wood is a sustainable hardwood cherry with a flame-blackened edge and a variety of laser cut shapes. The removable strainer basket allows for simple, easy cleaning. 

A peaceful way to steep tea. The tea nest measures 5 inches by 3 inches with a stainless steel mesh that can be easily removed. The wood never gets hot to touch. And the wood also insulates so the tea stays hot longer. The mesh allows the dried leaves to open and present their beautiful gift. Simply set the tea nest over your cup and pour hot water into the center till the tea leaves float; steep to the desired strength.

Comes in a variety of styles, so if you would like a specific one, please call us or request one in the comments for your order! (We can't guarantee we have all of them in stock, so call if you want to be sure!)

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