Under Alaska's Midnight Sun

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In the far northern parts of the world, near and above the Arctic Circle, summer days are very long. In Barrow, Alaska, for example, the sun rises in May and sets 83 days later, in early August. During this time, the sun shines all through the night. People call it the midnight sun. When the midnight sun is shining, people and animals stay active even at night. This sweet poetic narrative, illustrated by award-winner Jeremiah Trammell, showcases the many pleasures of this unique time as a little girl dances, fishes, plays games, watches moose and fox, and communes with family and nature.

Come spend the longest day of the year in Alaska - where the summer sun never sets. The gleeful young narrator of this charming story takes you on a tour of her favorite sights and activities during a glorious day that never ends!

Picture book, 8" x 10.5", 32 pgs.

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