Where We Run: A Dog Sledding Story

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Passion runs within. Many people trek the trails of life to discover their passion, while other creatures are born with it. In their first frosty breaths, in the first winter's light to touch their eyes - a passion is coursing inside and firing their soul, like a cascading sun enlightening and empowering an inner wilderness. A sled dog knows this passion - born with strength and purpose. To be a dog sled musher is to thrive with and care for such a passion. Such a gift. A musher must breathe like a forest breathes - taking in the whole atmosphere and giving back even more. A musher must see as a rising sun sees - over every horizon, embracing the farthest distance and meeting the mightiest storm. With a touch as gentle as a wisp of fur and a courage constantly chased by avalanching snow - a musher drives passion. The bond between musher and team relies on trust; and in return, they will share a life with the fullest, fiercest passion imaginable. They will live to run!

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